3 Things You Can Do Before Noon to Lose Weight


When it comes to weight loss, cultivating a healthy morning habit may be of great benefit to you. This can be due to different reasons, such as the early morning sun that keeps you energized, helps to improve your mood, and keeps you focused for the rest of the day.

Also, you could get really tired in the afternoon, which is enough reason to just spend the rest of the day without being really conscious about your health. There are some things that you can incorporate into your early morning routine that will help in your quest to lose weight. Listed below are three of these things.

1. Bask in the sunlight

Sunlight has vitamin D-boosting benefits, and its UV rays help greatly to brighten the mood and energize the body. Draw open your blinds when you wake up in the morning in order to get the maximum amount of sun rays in your room. If the sun isn’t out yet, you can do it later on in the day. The World Health Organization recommends that you have about 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight on your arms, hands, and face about two to three times a week to avoid prevent damage to the DNA of your cells, which can potentially lead to skin cancer.

2. Drink your breakfast

Breakfast helps to boost metabolism, prevent starvation, and gives you an energy boost to start the day. Although consuming solid foods will help fill you up and curb your hunger for a longer period of time, hydrating yourself with a glass of water in the morning will help flush out toxins and reduce bloating. Start off your day with water, then you can proceed with eating solid food. If you crave juice or any carbonated drink, you can opt for infused water for a healthier option. Infusing your water with lime or lemon will give you added health benefits, as it contains no sugar and calories.

3. Work in a (mini) sweat session

Working out in the morning can be really tough for some people, because not everyone is a morning person. But you can always change this habit, because you are likely not to work out again for the rest of the day. You can just take out 15 to 30 minutes of your time in the morning to do some stretches, yoga, or just running in one place. You can also do outdoor cardio exercises such as brisk walking, jogging and running. This will help to improve blood circulation and boost your metabolism.

Keeping up with these habits on a regular basis will help promote weight loss.